High quality passenger car spare parts by OE Germany

OE Germany GmbH is a specialist and supplier of car spare parts in the independent aftermarket for premium vehicles in original spare part quality. All products correspond to OEM quality, for which OE Germany GmbH is also representative.

Our philosophy and promise stand for continuity, quality, service, reliability and innovation. The product range of currently more than 5,000 spare parts and 120,000 vehicle applications is constantly adapted and further developed to meet the needs of our customers. With us you will find a large selection of passenger car spare parts of all current premium brands and models. As a strong partner of industry, wholesale and workshops, we are committed to the free spare parts market.

Our promise: The perfect assortment in OEM quality.

Engine Bearing

Manual Transmission Bearing

Switchable Motor Bearing

Air Spring / Suspensions

Air Suspensions

Rod / Strut / Stabilizer

Belt Pulley / Crankshaft

Axle Carrier Bearing

Handlebar Bearing

Suspension Strut Support Bearing


Hinged Pulley

Sliding Rail

Tensioning Arm

Belt Tensioner

Idler Pulley / Guide Pulley

Clutch Disk

Clutch Kit