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Diesel Shortblocks from OE Germany

Diesel generators are very reliable and are used in many areas, whether industry or agriculture. Diesel generators are often used as an emergency generator.

OE Germany Gas Shortblocks

In recent years, the number of gas engines and combined heat and power units has increased rapidly worldwide. In the meantime, these engines and units have achieved running times of several 100,000 km or several 10,000 operating hours. However, in case of upcoming repairs and technical revisions, a complete replacement of the engine is not mandatory. OE Germany has an alternative to offer here.

With this program you repair your current and proven engine types suitable for MAN:

  • MAN Gas E2842 E/LE302/312/322, E2848 LE 322
  • MAN Gas E2876 LE 202/302/TE302, E0836 LE 202

OE Germany Longblocks

Longblocks are prefabricated crankshaft drive units consisting of:

  • Engine block
  • piston
  • crankshaft
  • cylinder liners
  • connecting rods
  • camshafts
  • plain bearings
  • valve tappets
  • various small parts

To learn more about OE Germany gas short blocks, visit the OE Germany Components GmbH website!