OE Germany Shortblocks

Repair solutions for diesel and gas engines in the global „Independent Aftermarket“

OE Germany Shortblocks are pre-assembled crank drive units, comprising:

  • engine block
  • crankshaft
  • connecting rods
  • bearings
  • pistons
  • cylinder liners
  • camshaft
  • valve tappets
  • various small parts

By request, OE Germany shortblocks are also offered with cylinder heads, gaskets and screws. With our range of shortblocks, you can repair current and well-proven engine series suitable for the following manufacturers:

Mercedes-Benz OM 300, OM 400, OM 500, OM 600 und OM 900 MAN D08, D20, D25, D26 und D28 MAN Gas E 2842 E/LE 302/312/322, E 2848 LE 322 MAN Gas E 0836 LE 202, E 2876 LE 202/302/TE 302

Our shortblocks are manufactured according to the guidelines and tolerances of the engine manufacturers.

We use only quality-tested new parts for our products.

We manufacture our shortblocks in Germany!